CoachFX 360 Features

Improve the speed of learning by easily creating realistic illustrations and animations of drills and game situations.

Easy to Use

CoachFX 360 is designed by coaches to make it easy for anyone to use no matter how confident you are with technology.
Items are added with a simple left click of your mouse or pad and animations are created and edited easily using a set of timeline controls.

Export Images & Videos

Once you have created your exercise, we give you export options to create Jpeg, PNG, MP4, VP9 or webm files.

Device Download

CoachFX 360 is a downloadable software platform and so is not reliant on good broadband coverage once you have it installed and opened.  Once you create your sessions they are saved locally on your device therefore keeping it secure and private.

Vast Equipment Library

The software includes 19 items of equipment to integrate into your session.

They include footballs of different sizes, cones, flags, dribble arches, goals, vertical and horizontal poles, benches, mannequins, hurdles and ladders.

Multiple Characters

The software comes included with 12 different players with 4 ethnicities, both female and male genders and outfield players, goalkeepers, referees and assistant referees. 

There is also X’s and O’s for ease of use.

Realistic Animation

CoachFX 360 comes into its own when it comes to animation and how easy it is to create something realistic to the game.

Players can run forwards, backwards, sideways, they can jump, throw, dive and head.

Passes and shots can travel along the ground and at 4 different heights and speeds with straight movement as well as left and right curve.

Analytical Tools

Advanced analysis tools include player sky highlighting, player/touchline tracker lines, player connection lines and a ball motion highlighter.

These tools allow you to create engaging content focused on advanced principles.

Camera Angles

The software is a 3D environment with 5 cameras capturing every moment of your session from every angle possible.

Cameras include overhead, stadium view, free camera, player view and player or ball trackercam.


CoachFX 360 is a 3D stadium with stands and advertising boards around the perimeter and on the walls of the stand.

All of these boards can be branded specifically for your club or organization and even a sponsor who works with you.  Contact us at for more information.

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